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Calculating your DAU/MAU ratio (IN PROGRESS)



What is the proportion of monthly users who were active for each day over the last month?


A great way to evaluate your app’s “stickiness” is to calculate your DAU/MAU ratio. This is your count of average daily active users divided by the count of monthly active users. The closer your ratio is to 1, the more frequently your users are using your application.

DAU divided by MAU will give you a result between 0 and 1. So a ratio of 0.5 means that half of your monthly users are active on a particular day.

Building the query

First, we need to build a few named expressions:

  • A metric to measure user activity
  • A derived column to ???
  • A metric to ???

Begin by building the following:

1. Metric (Num Days Active): For each user Measure: Activity – Days

2. Derived column: __28__

3. Metric (only 28): For each user Measure: Maximum - __28__

Assembling the Ratio Measure

What's Next

This can be augmented to calculate DAU/WAU (weekly average users) by using a derived column that returns 7 instead of 28.