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Interana Docs

Sandbox Deployment Guide

The Sandbox Deployment Guide will take you through the process of installing and running your own single-node Interana instance. All you need to get started is a laptop and access to an AWS account (or a credit card to get one).

We'll show you how to install a single-node Interana cluster in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is a simple installation but it's a great way to see what Interana can do for you.

The entire installation process takes about 30 minutes. During this installation process we'll show you how to:

  1. Create an AWS instance: this is where Interana and your data will live. We'll show you how to create an account quickly and configure it for Interana. 
  2. Install required software: after creating the AWS instance, you can download and install the software we need to run Interana. There are only a few required pieces and they're easy to configure. 
  3. Install Interana: next, you’ll run the Interana installer (and another application called Nginx, which Interana uses for our user interface). Then we'll show you how to start Interana and create the first (admin) user.
  4. Add your data: now it's time to add your data. We'll show you how to upload a data file, then we’ll finish with some tips to help you start running queries with Interana.

Let's get started!

Start by creating an AWS instance.

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