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How do I understand how my organization is using Interana?



After completing this how-to you will have a starting point and some basic queries to see how your team is using Interana!

Usage Table

Interana will create a table on our production customer clusters that captures user activity within the Interana tool. This table is usually given a name that indicates it contains usage data - (customer)_usage, or interana_usage. On some clusters, this table is restricted to admin users.

How Many Users? Queries?

Interana has two fields in your structured logging that can help you count users - the easiest of these is username, which captures the login id of a user (typically the email address). You can create a query that is a count unique of username. If you have Interana team members in your environment to help you with validations or analytics questions, you might want to filter their usage out - you can do this by setting a filter that _org_ IS NOT ONE OF

Counting non-Interana Users

To count the number of queries that have been posed by users, you can change the count unique to be client_qid - the query ID coming from the Interana client.

Counting Queries

If you don't want to filter out Interana users, you may still want to filter out background queries run by our precacher, which cycles through dashboard queries to ensure that when you load those dashboards the queries have been run relatively recently. All these queries are run under the username, so you can filter that user out of these queries explicitly.

What data fields are people using?

Knowing what fields are most used can be important if you're considering a change in data format, or if you want to delete fields to save space, we can show you which fields are most frequently accessed in query construction (type ahead completion). In Interana's structured logging, we have a field named "column", so we can count the number of events grouped by this column field - I have done that for the past seven days here:

What Else?

We have a blog on structured logging at Interana, and please ask questions about Interana usage queries you want to be able to ask!