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3.6 Release notes

This document introduces new features included in Interana release 3.6.

New features

Interana release 3.6 includes the following new features:

Hyperlink formatting

When defining events and measures, you can now format columns to link to external HTTP API endpoints and, optionally, pass parameters using a query string. Results are formatted and persisted as a hyperlink.


Navigate to knowledge object definitions

To reduce context-switching from within the Interana query builder, knowledge objects (KNOBs) now include information icons that link directly to their specific definitions in their respective Actors, Flows, and Measures sections of the dashboard.

Conversion rates in Sankey diagrams

Hovering over any step in a Sankey diagram now automatically displays conversion rates as part of the tooltip, enabling quick analysis of flow data.

Paste lists into filters

Users can now paste comma-separated lists into the query builder’s Filtered to field, saving them from having to individually enter each item.

Power BI connector (alpha)

Interana now offers an alpha version of its Power BI connector.

Simply select Interana as a data source within Power BI’s Get Data menu under the Online Services section. Without any general data preparation or ETL code in Power Query M, you can paste a URL from Interana’s Explore view, along with your authentication token, into Power BI to quickly add static Interana charts into an existing Power BI reporting project. (Note that Interana alpha and beta releases are unsupported

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