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Measuring daily active users (DAU)


During the past seven days, how many users were active on each day?


This is a basic query in Interana: measuring user activity over a specific time range. This sort of query is often the starting point for more in-depth explorations of your data. 

Building the query

Because we're measuring use activity over time, use a Time view for this query. Then build the sentence for the query. This example is using the music dataspace (and its user ID column), but you would select the column that represents actors in your dataspace. 

  • SHOW
    • Count unique user ID Actors
  • Click the + icon next to the first field to toggle the trailing window option, and use the default value: every auto (1 day) trailing auto (1 day) 
    • This is the default value, but it's useful to know what it is and how to change it. 
  • FOR 
    • All user ID Actors
  • OVER
    • (enter a 1-week time range)

You can hover over any point to see the count of users for that day: 

Daily active users, shown by day

Tip: Samples view

Click Samples to show some of the data used in the query.



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