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3.x Release Notes

3.x Release Notes
The latest Interana release is version 3.14.
  • 3.14 Release notes
    Interana release 3.14 includes distribution view, query palette, advanced filters, live backups, dynamic time filtering, reordering labeled properties and flow steps, and additional enhancements.
  • 3.13 Release notes
    Interana release 3.13 includes emailed dashboards, data ingest CLI, query language in API, A/B view, flow building enhancements, more precise count unique, and additional enhancements.
  • 3.12 Release notes
    Interana release 3.12 includes date math functions, mode aggregation, set actor and flow properties, flow enhancements, unsampled querying, regex string matching, and other enhancements.
  • 3.11 Release notes
    Interana 3.11 includes table-level RBAC; multimeasure Sankey comparisons; in-product help for functions; retention and engagement module (beta); and some usability improvements.
  • 3.10 Release notes
    Interana release 3.10 focuses on technology and platform investments, and behind-the-scenes optimizations. In addition, a number of improvements to usability and messaging were implemented.
  • 3.9 Release notes
    Interana release 3.9 includes the ability to mix and match types of objects in a query; RBAC role management; RBAC user object visibility and sharing; and improved calculation expression builder.
  • 3.8 Release notes
    Interana 3.8 includes boards refresh settings; split-bys for filter properties;  Sankey flow analysis for all objects; labels in query API response; and a  customizable landing page.
  • 3.7 Release notes
    Interana release 3.7 includes trending from flow stages; saved filters and ratio measures; negation operators; query API GET endpoint; and other UX improvements.
  • 3.6 Release notes
    Interana release 3.6 includes hyperlink formatting; navigation to property definitions; conversion rates in Sankey diagrams; pasting lists into filters; and Power BI connector (alpha).
  • 3.5 Release notes
    Interana release 3.5 includes advanced analytics and improvements to workflows.
  • 3.4 Release notes
    Interana release 3.4 includes more intuitive time handling; easier workflows; advanced analytics and statistical support; administrative control; and operationalization of Interana.
  • 3.2 Release Notes
    Interana release 3.2 includes chart options and sunburst views.
  • 3.1 Release Notes
    Interana release 3.1 includes flows enhancements; RBAC; sunburst view; choose measure in number view; local timezone support; export to CSV; chart control options.
  • 3.0 Release Notes
    Interana 3.0 introduces a new paradigm for interactive analysis and includes SSO and third-party authentication; customizable boards and panels;  visualizations; sentence model query builder; customizable event, actor, and flow properties; persistent query history; data dictionary; enhanced calculations for comparisons; flow visualization for actor path discovery; calendar-aligned times for month, quarter, and year; export capabilities; and query sharing.
Learn about older releases in the Interana version 2.x release notes.
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