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3.13 Release notes

Interana release 3.13 includes emailed dashboards, data ingest CLI, query language in API, A/B view, flow building enhancements, more precise count unique, and additional enhancements.

New features

Interana release 3.13 includes the following new features:

Email dashboards

With Interana 3.13, a user can send a scheduled email containing embedded images of panels on a board. Access the email scheduler by navigating to a board and clicking the email icon:


In the email scheduler, enter days, times, and recipients, and optionally a descriptive subject line for the email. You can also send an immediate copy of the report by clicking Send now. Click Save.


To opt out of emails for a report:

  1. In the Interana UI, navigate to the board you're receiving emails for.
  2. Click the mail icon.
  3. Find the scheduled email you want to opt out of, and click to edit.
  4. In the Recipients list, click the minus next to your email address.
  5. Click Save.

If you are not an Interana user, opt out of emails by contacting Interana support as described in the emailed report.

Data ingest CLI

With Interana 3.13, cluster administrators can use the CLI to perform various tasks to help manage their cluster including but not limited to the following:

  • Manage users
  • Create new tables, jobs, and pipelines
  • Delete and reingest data

To obtain the CLI client, contact your technical account manager.

Query language in an API

With Interana 3.13, the external query API has been improved to support Behavioral Query Language (BQL), Interana's new querying language built on top of our query model. BQL includes:

  • The ability to run arbitrary BQL queries on your Interana cluster using the external query API.
  • Parity with Interana query model.
  • Ability to use a new endpoint to continue running cached queries run through the Interana user interface.

For more information, see Create queries using the Interana behavioral query language.

A/B view

With Interana 3.13, you can use A/B view to:

  • Create multiple experiment populations to compare to a control.
  • Define multiple measures to compare absolute and relative population performance.
  • Interpret results in alternate all-in-one or single experiment comparison tabs.
  • Understand experiment validity using p-values or rely on cell shading for p-value ranges.


Flow building enhancements

Interena 3.13 includes:

  • Bar and Table charts for preview.
  • The ability to hide dropoffs, so you can do funnel analysis.
  • Flow path in bar charts.

Additional enhancements

Interana release 3.13 includes the following enhancements:

  • Count unique is now more precise. Adaptive sampling does not kick in for most count unique shard key queries. See Adaptive Sampling in Interana.

  • More granular role management on the Admin page.

  • Changes to the cached board traffic light indicator.

  • Improved messaging around board sharing and query limits.
  • You can now pin modules to boards. The available modules are the retention module and the new A/B view module.



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