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Board solutions


Interana provides a set of out-of-the-box boards focused on different user solutions. You can use the boards to become familiar with the Interana 3.0 user interface (UI), and as a jumping off point for customizing a board to meet your specific needs.

Executive solution

The Executive solution board offers charts that provide key metrics for your business. This allows those in principal leadership roles to monitor fluctuations and changes, looking for indicators so they can provide direction, and delegate investigation and remedies to problems.

An executive user has a firm understanding of the company's baseline, and would use the panels on the board to monitor fluctuations and changes for the key metrics for the company. 



Average Session Length This Week


Weekly Sessions


Active Accounts - Last 7 Days


Average Number of Users Per Account - Last 7 Days


Average Count Of Reports Created Per Account - Last 7 Days


Count of Upgrades - Last 7 Days


Create Report Conversion Rate - Per User


Revenue Off Upgrades - Last 7 Days


Self-service insights - Sessions solution

Generic starting point, jumping off point for drilling down to more specific session analysis. Applicable to wide range of users.



Average Session Length - Last 7 Days


Average Session Length - Today


Sessions Count - Last 7 Days


Sessions Count - Today


Self-service events KPI's solution

Action analysis



Reports Created This Week


Events This Month


Reports Created Today


Create Report Conversion Rate - Last 2 Weeks


Self-service user KPI's solution

User analysis



Unique Users Today


Unique Users This Week


Monthly Active Users


Average Number of Events Today Per User


Product innovation solution

Generic product manager dashboard who cares about product innovation, jumping off point. How is app changing and is it changing in the right direction. Also... Different ways to visualize retention...keeping users. What percentage of users who came or created an account are still active.



Unique User Today


Unique Active Accounts Today


Reports Created Today


Average Session Duration

Customer success solution

CSM KPI's: Account health perspective, How many users per account, How many queries

Are they using the product, how are they using the product, are they likely to renew?

Learn insights to how customers are using the product, so they can be educated, or the product can be improved.

Global filter per user account to gage usage and inform account strategy to make sure an account stays healthy.




Average Session Length Per User - Last 7 Days


Count of Sessions - Today


Count of Sessions - Last 7 Days


Average Session Time Per Account - Today


Max Number of Reports Created Per Account - Last 7 Days


Maximum Number of Reports Created by One Account - Today


Average Count Of Reports Created Per Account - Today


Average Count of Create Reports Per Account - Last 7 Days


Content optimization solution

Media companies putting out articles. Articles have certain attributes, with goal of getting more hits for people reading them. The more readers the higher the advertising dollars. Shows what readers care about.



Articles Read Today


Articles Read This Month


Article View Through Rate


Unique User Today


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