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Solution boards

Interana solution boards display behavioral analytics query panels tailored to select business areas to facilitate an accelerated out-of-the-box experience. Market focused solutions boards provide decision makers need with the necessary data to successfully navigate change and take strategic action for profitable results. Interana solution boards are the bridget to solving problems that stand in the way of gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Selecting the best solution for you

Interana pre-configured out-of-the-box solution boards are populated with query panels targeted to specific business solutions. A solution board allows you to become familiar with Interana 3.x, using queries aligned with your business needs. Solution board queries can provide a jumping off point for your personal customizations. 

Review each of the following solutions for the one best suited to your business:

Product innovation


The Product Innovation solution is targeted to product teams under pressure to innovate faster in a highly competitive digital marketplace. Interana's enables every member of the team to continuously validate the impact of new features and capabilities on their customers. Dynamic feedback enables teams to deliver sophisticated customer experiences to drive better business outcomes.

Interana allows every member of a product team to explore behavior on their own, so they can understand how users respond to features, as well as inspiring new ideas. Interana is not limited to generic metrics and models, and eliminates intermediary data teams traditionally relied upon for custom analytics reports. With Interana everyone can explore data, and data driven companies stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Product innovation solution enables your teams to:

  • Determine the impact of new features on target audiences. 
  • Indentify conversion rates among users.
  • Identify user engagement actions.

Customer lifecycle


Businesses today recognize that retaining and increasing the lifetime value of existing customers is the best avenue for sustained growth, more so than acquiring new customers. To retain and increase the value of existing customers, it's important to continually monitor for churn risk, proactively identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and ensure that customers successfully adopt and engage services. This requires visibility into user, customer, and account level behaviors for all members of customer operations teams. The bottom line is keeping customers loyal, happy, and engaging on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

Customer operations teams using Interana can easily explore and monitor the context on every customer interaction. This enables them to support strategic account planning, proactively identify at-risk accounts and opportunities alike, as well as inspiring creative ideas that drive adoption, engagement, and renewals.

Customer lifecycle solution enables your teams to:

  • Locate and observe all churn users with open support tickets.
  • Explore the events leading up to the churn.
  • Identify actions to reduce churn and satisfy customer concerns in a timely manner.

Content optimization


Publishing and content marketing are more intensely competitive than ever before. To succeed requires maximizing loan-to-value (LTV) and engagement by informing editorial decisions with the most current data. Data informed decisions are based on the estimated impact on user engagement, conversion to paid subscriptions, and ad slot value. 

Interana helps publishers and content marketers plan effective content as a result of observed user engagement patterns. Data informed decisions allow you to dynamically segment audiences based on past consumption, resulting in better target featured content. Sophisticated data informed practices result in higher LTV and engagement with reduced churn and higher rates of conversion.

Content optimization solution enables your teams to:

  • Identify key metrics, such as comparing high engagement adds with users with the highest activity.
  • Identify action, such as optimizing feature development for cross-category engagement to increase user base.
  • Measure success by creating dashboards to monitor key metrics.

Engineering and DevOps


Interana enables engineering teams to build successful products and maximize customer success through interactive and flexible analytics on event data. Data-informed decisions allow teams to continually release new functionality based on direct observation of their target audience. Visibility into customer behavior enables you to proactively identify churn risk and conversion, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities alike.

Engineering and DevOps solution enables your teams to:

  • Data Analysis centered on metrics focused on page errors tracked on boards in Interana.
  • Exploration with interactive drill-down on errors to discover the root cause.
  • Identification of action, such as code modification to alleviate an error and improve performance.

Self-service analytics


Interana democratizes self-service analytics on event data, making it available to the entire company. Interana provides the missing piece in enterprise data architecture, providing an interactive, visual platform to freely explore behavior in event data. Users can build their own queries, metrics, funnels, and flows and receive immediate visual results. The average user can get answers to behavioral questions, such as segmenting users and accounts based on their activity, without the help of a data team. Interana's Explorer interface encourages iteration and exploration, so individuals get the results they need when they need it.

Self-service analytics solution enables your teams to:

  • Monitor common user metrics, such as popular queries, and number of shares with custom boards.
  • Explore unusual results to discover the cause.
  • Learn something new and use it as a jumping off point for further exploration.

For more information

For more information on Interana solutions, you can request a demo.

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