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Viewing your query history

Interana preserves your entire query history. There may be times when you want to return to a query from the current browser session, or you might need to return to a query you ran during an earlier session. Interana allows you to view the history of your past queries that reflect the results that were returned when the queries were originally run.

After analyzing the data, you can go back to previous query results, or use that query as a jumping off point to make modifications for new queries.

To view a query history, do the following:
  1. In the Explorer window, use the query thumbnail to identify the query with a history you want to review.
  2. Select the query thumbnail in the list to see a larger view of it.
  3. Click Explore in the upper-right corner to open that query in the Explorer,
  4. To create a new query, edit the query parameters. 



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