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Creating a 2.x global filter as a 3.x event pre-filter


This article explains and compares creating and applying a 2.x global filter and a 3.x pre-filter.

  • 2.x global filter is applied at the dataset level, and affects both the query itself and any underlying named expressions (knowledge objects in Interana 3.x).
  • 3.x pre-filter is applied to functions of a query to filter for a specific set of events. This is helpful for narrowing the results when there is an amalgamation of events in a dataset.


This article shows you how to create and apply a 2.x global filter, and then how to create and apply a 3.x event pre-filter similar results with a 3.x custom event property.

Creating and applying a 2.x global filter

You can select a Global Filters to be applied to queries. If you have Publisher or Admin privileges, you can set a filter to be applied by default, so that it is applied automatically to any queries users run.

Creating and applying a 3.x event pre-filter

You can specify a 3.x event pre-filter to be applied to the other functions of a query. This filters out all events except those specified by the pre-filter, then processes the other functions of the query. This ensures that the query results focus on the specific events you are interested in.

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this howto.

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