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Analyze a flow

This article demonstrates the ways you can drill into a flow to analyze the results on a granular level.

Analyzing flow results

This task demonstrates the ways in which you can inspect flow results.

Prerequisite: Successfully create a flow to generate results we'll use in the following task.

To analyze flow results, do the following:
  1. In Create a flow, we received the following results.


  1. Hover the cursor over the path, to view details of the flow. 


  1. Hover the cursor over a vertical bar for a step, to view the details for that step.


  1. Optional: Expand the Samples view to analyze the details of each path.
  2. For a granular view of events leading up to a movie purchase, click Explore in the left menu bar, choose the flow from the drop-down menu (in the first line of the query), then click the Sankey view icon at the top of the page. 
  3. Select the step in the flow diagram and choose See events leading up to this state from the drop-down list. The diagram changes to display a granular view of all the events leading up to that step.


We received the following results for our example flow.


  1. Hover the cursor over a particular area of the diagram to view specific details for that event.


What's Next

Now that you've created a basic flow and analyzed the results, you're ready to fine tune parameters and explore the data at a granular level.

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