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Ingest data from Segment into Interana

To begin ingesting data from Segment into your Interana cluster, follow the steps below.

First you need:

  • The root URL for your destination cloud storage directory.
    • For AWS S3, this is typically in the format https://{your bucket}.{your region}{your directory} 
    • For Azure Blob Storage, this is typically in the format https://{your storage account name}{your container} .
  • Credentials to access your cloud storage account.
    • For AWS and S3 backed clusters, you need S3 credentials with write access to your bucket.
    • For Azure and Blob Storage backed clusters, you need a Shared Access Signature with write access to your container.


To begin sending data to Interana from the Segment portal, select Interana as a new destination as follows:

  1. In the API Key field, insert your Blob Shared Access Signature or your S3 credentials. For S3 credentials, comma separate the access key ID and the secret access key in the format of "accessKeyId,secretAccessKey" .
  2. In the Bucket Container URL field, insert the URL for the cloud storage directory. 
    • For S3: https://{your bucket}.{your region}{your directory} .
    • For Azure Blob Storage: https://{your storage account name}{your container} .
  3. In the Platform field, insert "AWS" or "Azure" depending on the provider of your cloud storage.

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