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Admin Guide: Adding data to an Interana cluster

You can add data to an Interana cluster in the following ways:

  • one-time ingest—a file or batch of files, ingest of static data (data-at-rest), at a prescribed time. 
  • continuous ingest—a pipeline, like a cron job, that pushes content into the cluster at a steady (data-in-motion) rate.
  • streaming ingest—a dynamic flow of live data, a high volume of data received via HTTP from a cloud source. 

Before you add data

You should be familiar with your data and how it is structured. It is recommended that you review the following documents before attempting to add any data to an Interana cluster:

Ingesting data

Interana can ingest data from the following data sources:

  • Amazon S3
  • Azure BLOB storage
  • A remote file system to which you have scp access
  • HTTP ingest (streaming ingest of live data from a cloud or web source)
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