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Demo Guide Wrap-up


You did it!

Congratulations on completing the Interana Live Demo!  You should now have a solid feel for using Interana software to analyze behavior from event data. This was just a starting point. You'll continue to gain speed and expertise as you explore the data and practice turning your questions into Interana queries. We're here to help with the process: join us on the forums to ask questions, share your discoveries, and get help from Interana experts. 

Now that you're familiar with Interana and what we can do, please consider how we may be able to help you and your organization. As interesting as the Wikipedia data may be, the techniques you've learned are universal and can be used to understand digital behavior across many different domains. Trying our software on your own data is the best way to see what we can do for you. When you're ready, please get in touch. We'd be glad to meet, understand your needs, and set up a private proof-of-concept deployment using your own data. Simply contact us and we'll work something out

Thank you for taking the time to explore this data and learn about Interana. If you know anybody else who might benefit from this demo or our software, please encourage them to sign up for the Live Demo and see for themselves!

Keep in mind that you're using a shared demo system meant for learning by everybody. The dashboards and objects you create will stick around for a while, but we will periodically clean up the system and remove stale accounts.

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