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How to change column types


Interana takes it best guess at providing a column type with each column, sometimes we do not get what we want. Interana allows you to manually change column types but this will require a re-ingest of the data to get the correct values. 

We have the following conversion types:

Type Conversion Function
Number to_int, to_int_set, to_decimal, to_dollars
String to_string, to_string_set, to_lower
Date date_to_milli, to _milli, micro_to_milli, second_to_milli
User Agent to_parsed_user_agent, to_browser_id
IP Address ip_to_geo
URL to_parsed_url

To change the type of a column:

  1. Identify the column(s) that needs to be changed
  2. Use the command /opt/interana/backend/import_server/change_column_type -t 'Table_name' -n 'Column' -f 'conversion_type'
  3. Re-ingest the data

Now your column will have the column type that you specified.

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