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Intro to Sessions


A Session is a sequence of consecutive events associated with a single actor. A session is typically identified in one of these ways:

  • All events that occur during a period of activity bounded by periods of inactivity
  • All events that occur between a “begin session” event

Session metrics

By default, metrics will be computed for all sessions (session duration, and session event count). In addition, you can create custom, per-session metrics to measure specific activity during each session.

Custom session metrics

Custom session metrics are metrics you can create to apply to events which occur during a particular session. 

For example:

  • Number of purchases users made within their first login session.
  • Unique webpages users went to in sessions which last more than 1 hour.
  • How many error messages the user saw during their second attempted registration session.

Interana displays session metrics as  session  <metric name> in lists.

Automatic per-session metrics

Per-session metrics are a way to measure how may times an actor did a thing within one session.

Interana automatically creates two metrics for every session: a duration metric and an event_count metric. The duration metric is session_name.duration, and the event_count metric session_name.event_count

Interana displays auto session metrics as   session  <session_name>.duration and  session  <session_name>.event_count  in lists. 

Working with sessions

See Sessions in the Live Demo Guide and Working with sessions for examples of using sessions in Interana.

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