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Create an advanced filter

You can filter events at the start of a query using an arbitrary expression containing ANDs, ORs, or NOTs.


To create an advanced filter:

  1. In your query definition, go to the Filtered to field.
  2. Type an equals sign to access the expression builder.
  3. Type and use suggestions to build your filter.

The expression builder uses standard JavaScript syntax for Booleans, as follows:

Boolean value Syntax
AND &&

Filters in the expression builder support generic matches. For example:

  • =MATCHES([action], “like”, “love”)
  • =DOES_NOT_MATCH([action], “like”, “love”)
  • =IS_EMPTY([action])
  • =IS_NOT_EMPTY([action])

The filter expressions can include your event data or your lookup table data.

For more information, see Calculate measures and filters with the expression builder

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