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Create a property in Explore with the query palette

The query palette is a faster way to create new properties and flows in your queries. You can create an object inline while you are constructing a query, rather than navigating away to create the property.

To use the query palette:

  • Access the palette at the top of the query builder.
  • Similar to a paint palette, the query palette arranges your newly created objects for easy access and editing.

Tips for using the query palette:

  • To clear the query palette, delete objects by clicking on the delete icon (when hovering). Or the palette is cleared when you start a new session, navigate away from the query builder, or refresh your page. To find past queries, use History or hit your browser Back button.

  • Objects in a query's palette are linked to the query and saved only as part of the query. To revisit or reuse your objects, pin your query to a board or use the query ID (that is, the query URL).

  • A green dot in Explore marks a query that uses properties or flows from a palette.
  • A red dot in the query palette marks a property or flow that is not valid.


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