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What's new in Interana 4.5?

Interana 4.5 introduces several major updates.


Clickable text in the UI is now marked with a pill treatment. The pill color indicates whether the value is generated by default in Interana (clear pill) or specific to your dataset (shaded pill).
Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 2.08.43 AM.png

Show, Calculate, Use saved measure

In the Explore query builder only (not in the new property workflow), the Show, Calculate, and Use saved measure selector has been removed from the first position in the sentence. You can still perform all of these tasks.

  • Show is now implicit when used with the dropdown list of aggregations.
  • For Calculate:
    1. Click count to open the aggregations dropdown.
    2. In the aggregations dropdown, type an equals sign. See Calculate measures and filters for more information.equals.png
  • While building an expression, type a left bracket [ to access saved properties.

Other changes

See the 4.5 release notes for a summary of other changes in 4.5, including:

  • The ability to save board filters.
  • Improved experience around updating placeholder text in measure, chart, panel, and board names.
  • A new object permission, query, in addition to the existing read and write permissions, to let you share an object and all its associated dependent objects without populating other users' typeahead lists.
  • The ability to resize panels in boards.
  • More useful default flow definition conditions.
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