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Programmatically query Interana

Interana provides an external query API that you can use to programmatically send queries to Interana and receive query results.

For some customers, Interana is one of several analytics processes they run, and consolidating these various analyses in a single report or dashboard is important. Other customers need aggregated data from Interana to feed into separate processes. For example, you might want to use data from Interana queries as input to Power BI. With the external API, you can run queries outside of the Interana user interface.

For information about formatting your API call, see Use the Interana external query API.

Choose from the following methods of creating a query:

  • Create the query in the Interana UI. Use the query number from the query's URL to rerun the query using the API. See Use the Interana external query API.
  • Create the query at the command line using the Interana behavioral analytics query language, BAQL. To learn about the rich and flexible language available for querying Interana, see Create queries using the Interana query language and the articles contained therein.
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